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The online talk show bringing you inspiring interviews with next generation voices, and news & pop culture commentary from a savvy point of view.
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We’re in Hollywood! And Ariana’s sitting down with Issa Rae, the creator & star of hot new web comedy series “The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl” (www.awkwardblackgirl.com). Issa dishes on being from an awkward family, acting & directing, her dream theme song for the show and more…Check it!

In their first on-camera cast interview, actors of hot new web comedy series Awkward Black Girl (www.awkwardblackgirl.com) dish on behind the scenes antics, ABG fans, getting recognized in public, favorite scenes & more…Actors Madison Shockley (Fred), Andrew Allan James (A), Hana (Boss Lady), Lyman Johnson (White J) and Tristen Winger (Darius aka “Baby Voice”) guest.

On Know This! we have a saying that “Knowledge of Self is Sexy.” In this episode, Knowledge of SEX is Sexy. So let’s talk about it! We have Nurse Practitioner Simran Tagore on hand, as well as voices repping East Oakland’s Youth UpRising in the house talking about what it means to be sexually empowered and the important stats you need to know.

Ariana’s talking to Oakland born and bred hip hop artist & educator, Do D.A.T. Watch him spit a lil somethin’ from his album Oakland in Blue, and drop some knowledge when it comes to mentoring young artists through youth program BUMP Records.

Ariana talks with the leaders of Urban Underground, a youth development organization working to bring out the best in the underserved youth of Milwaukee, one of the most segregated cities in the U.S.

They got next—and they got dreams! And not to be the next Snooki (thank goodness). Ariana visits the Southwest Youth Collaborative and Chicago Freedom School to hear the candid dreams of some of their youth participants, and some of the personal and social issues making those dreams a struggle in reality. We also hear from the young adult mentors and youth development workers helping support those dreams.

Ariana and hip hop artist Naledge of Kidz in the Hall talk about his new album, Occasion (Nov 22), Obama, being a brainiac and more.

Ariana talks with Chicago-based photographer Lynnette Astaire about her craft and what it means to connect with one’s purpose.

You know all those life balance things, like meditation or another special routine we always say we’re going to do, but get too busy for? Well attorney, entrepreneur & founder of the website MyLifestyleZen.com, Patrice Perkins, dishes on her top tips for living her motto of “Work Smart. Play Hard,” so that we’re not just starting but really maintaining healthy habits of work-life balance.

Ariana visits University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to talk with student leaders Mallika Roy & Tia Hofmans about F.O.K.U.S. and why art is a necessary part of our lives and community building.

“these women break the norm and want to inspire you to get your passport, book an international flight, or venture to a new place.”

Honored to be amongst such amazing company in Arielle Loren’s article “11 Black Women Inspiring Us to Travel.” I love globe trotting, but also proud to be holding down the spot for U.S. travel :) Check it…

In the 3rd part of the Rebuilding Detroit special series of the Know This! Tour, Ariana talks to Brandon Jessup, Founder & CEO of the urban policy think tank Michigan Forward. Brandon gives us the low-down on state and local politics, leadership & making the issues accessible to our next generation.

In Part 2 of the mini “Rebuilding Detroit” series of the Know This! Tour, Ariana talks to young entrepreneurs Margarita Barry of 71 Pop & IAmYoungDetroit.com, Tunde Wey of Detroit Big F Deal & Claire Nelson of Bureau for Urban Living about their businesses, community-building, gentrification & more…

In this episode, Detroit native Sterling Toles takes Ariana & Know This! on a mini-tour of the city, highlighting the strong presence of community gardens, such as Feedem Freedom and community art, such as the famous Heidelberg Project. We also hear from local artists/entrepreneurs Noah Stephens of The People of Detroit Project and Philip Lauri of Detroit Lives! on the spirit of innovation that’s stirring in the city.

We meet La’Tasha Mayes, the mind behind Pittsburgh’s first organization for, by and about women of color, New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice. A true leader and activist for civil rights, La’Tasha reminds us of the power & importance of making our voices heard in claiming our rights and shaping our future.